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The Upper Room Hotline is a faith-based hotline in the Catholic Tradition. God's Love Has A Toll Free Number 1-888-808-8724

Sister Mary Frances' 75th Jubliee


Our Foundress, Sister Mary Frances Seeley is presented a commemorative plaque by our Board of Directors

Thank you for creating The Upper Room Crisis Hotline!

Call 1-888-808-8724 Central Time- approximately 7 a.m.- Midnight during the day – Monday thru Friday.  Weekends will be less consistent in scheduling.  Please use the contact us button so that we can help further.

Welcome to The Upper Room Crisis Hotline! All individuals regardless of their faith and those without faith in God are welcome to call the Hotline.

The Upper Room operates solely by well trained volunteers including: the board of directors, administration, office support, and phone counselors.

The Upper Room Crisis Hotline now receives calls from throughout the United States and over 35 other
countries to this point. The callers to our Hotline experience mental health challenges such as loneliness, anxiety, depression and a wide range of other trials
and challenges in their lives.

Our volunteers provide focused and undivided attention through reflective listening, empathy, nonjudgement and compassion.
Spiritual support and prayer are offered when requested by callers to the Hotline.
Our callers need and receive this focused attention and support through whatever
trials they may be experiencing. Additional resources and outreach are available
to callers that require this level of support..


We are a non for profit that depends solely on donations and fundraising in order to pay our monthly bills. While we understand that most individuals are feeling the financial impact of this virus, we are asking those that are still able to consider a donation of any size to ensure that the Upper Room Crisis Hotline will continue to be an essential service to those that are struggling during this unprecedented crisis.


We are very grateful to those that are willing and able to support this ministry.               

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We are donor dependent. Please Help Us with your Donation

 Help us, help others to make a difference to our callers!

Donate by mail: Send check to:
The Upper Room Crisis Hotline
PO Box 3572  
Joliet, Il. 60434

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Become a Volunteer

Sign up to become a phone counselor and share your gifts and talents by helping others.   We provide 8 weeks of training.

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Donate thru Amazon Purchases

You can help us by making your online purchases through our Amazon affiliate link.


All of our services are free of charge, but if you would like to help us with your donation, Click the "Donate" button below.