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(May 2nd, 2024) Deacon Pat Lombardo (Code Name Ben) had a long conversation with a caller named Colette last night that was discussing her hopelessness due to several serious medical issues, the loss of most of her family, and a cat that is very ill and will need to be put down. She is alone and feeling very isolated. Colette discussed suicide, although she said that she would not act on it at this time. Pat discussed Extended Caller Support but she declined and indicated that she would prefer calling the Upper Room when she has a need to do so. She also declined a follow-up call to check on her. Pat was able to identify that she lives in Great Falls, Montana. He also identified the Great Falls police Department's phone number 406-455-8599 in case Colette would call and eminently discuss suicide. Please note this information in case Colette calls and may need immediate support.

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